fuelGenie vs Pay & Reclaim

Calculate how much your business can save with a fuelGenie

A fuelGenie fuel card offers many benefits over the Pay & Reclaim method of purchases. Not only does it provide greater control over spend by locking drivers down to fuel, oil and car wash purchases, it also eliminates the need for fuel expense claims and paper receipts.

The amount of time spent processing expense claims can often be underestimated with a single claim regularly needing to be reviewed and processed by several different people. We’ve created a widget to help calculate how much it might be costing you to process these claims and to see how much you could save by purchasing your fuel with a fuelGenie fuel card.

Without relying on paper receipts you may also benefit from being able to claim back more VAT without worrying about lost receipts. We provide dedicated reports showing all transactions on one single HMRC approved invoice to make VAT reclaim even easier.

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Average number of monthly mileage claims per employee
Time for employee to enter expense information (minutes)
Time spent getting expense approval (minutes)
Time spent processing expense claim (minutes)
Number of annual miles driven per employee

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