fuelGenie vs fuelGenie+ fuel cards

With high fuel costs, managing a fleet of vehicles can be expensive. That’s why at fuelGenie, it’s our mission to save businesses time and money when it comes to filling up. To do that, we have two different fuel cards to choose from. The original fuelGenie card and now fuelGenie+. fuelGenie is totally free and the perfect start for businesses while fuelGenie+ offers more locations and a few added extras for a small monthly card fee. Not sure which to choose? Read our full guide on what they offer.


100% free

The key feature of our original fuelGenie card is that’s free. And there are no hidden costs like card fees or surcharges. Business owners simply pay for the fuel they use. If you’re a company that’s just starting out, this card is ideal as it’s a free tool to help you easily manage your fleet and fuel expenses. Order as many cards as you need with no minimum spend or contract term.

Supermarket fuel

To help businesses keep costs down, fuelGenie makes the most of the UK’s low-cost supermarket petrol stations. The pump prices at our partners – Tesco, Morrisons and Sainsbury’s – are consistently low. If you choose this fuel card, your drivers are limited to these great value locations. It helps build up savings every time they visit and you can be sure they’re not paying a premium elsewhere.

VAT reclaim

As a business, you can reclaim VAT on fuel. It helps you recoup costs so you can use these funds elsewhere. However, the process can be a time-consuming administrative headache. With fuelGenie, reclaiming VAT is easy. You and your drivers don’t have to collect paper receipts – we give you one HMRC approved invoice to simplify and speed up the process.

24/7 account management

If you’re always on the move, you need helpful tools that move with you. So we’ve made it easy to manage your account on-the-go with our app or online.

Business owners can:

  • View account summary
  • See cardholders, edit details, issue or cancel cards
  • Adjust limits and purchase options
  • Check balance and available spend
  • Find out the next invoice date and review previous
  • Apply for a credit limit increase

Drivers can:

  • Plan their journey
  • Compare fuel prices nearby
  • Locate petrol stations

Supermarket loyalty rewards

Every time they fill up with fuelGenie, drivers can collect valuable supermarket loyalty rewards. To do this at all petrol stations, they’ll need a physical or digital My Morrisons, Sainsbury’s Nectar or Tesco Clubcard. As a business owner, make sure you let your employees know this is a perk they’re entitled to.

Petrol station locator

There’s nothing worse than running low on fuel in an unfamiliar area. Luckily, if your drivers aren’t sure where to fill up, they can easily locate the nearest participating supermarket with our app. It’s also a great way to plan refuelling stops along the route.

UK customer service

If you or your drivers ever have any questions, we have an excellent customer service team. It’s based in the UK and can be contacted by phone (0345 371 2490) or email (enquiries@fuelgenie.co.uk). The team are on hand to help Monday to Thursday 9am-5.30pm and 9am-5pm on Fridays.

Set limits

The fuelGenie card doesn’t just cover the cost of fuel. It can also be used to pay for oil, AdBlue or the car wash. As a business owner, you can take full control by setting limits on any of these services to keep your budget in check.

Payment terms

For businesses, maintaining steady cashflow can be tricky. That’s why we offer competitive payment terms to help you manage.


fuelGenie+ has all the benefits of the original fuel card with a few added extras. Of course, the only feature it doesn’t share is that’s not 100% free. But for just 50p a month (per card), with no hidden charges, you get:

Most Shell locations

Drivers with fuelGenie+ can still make the most of low-cost supermarket fuel. But on top, they some get added Shell locations, giving 2,200+ places to fill up all over the UK. To make it easier for your employees, this includes petrol stations on popular A-roads and motorways.

24/7 facilities

Businesses and their employees often work unsociable hours. Whether the working day starts at the crack of dawn or carries on into the night – drivers need a safe place to refuel and recharge. With the addition of most Shell locations, fuelGenie+ benefits from some sites with 24/7 facilities.

Larger vehicle access

If your fleet includes larger vehicles or vans, fuelGenie+ is the card for you. It gives you access to selected sites that are suitable for bigger vehicles.

Shell GO+ rewards

If being able to use supermarket loyalty cards isn’t enough, drivers with fuelGenie+ get even more incentives. Thanks to the added network of most Shell petrol stations, they can also collect Shell Go+ rewards whenever they fill up. This includes money off fuel, car care, food and hot drinks.

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