Meet Dan

With fuelGenie Dan saves a tidy sum on petrol and diesel - watch our video to find out how...

Video Transcript

Meet Dan.

Dan runs a business fleet.

Which means he runs quite a few vans… and cars.

But being a smart sort of chap, Dan likes to keep things simple.

And that’s why he likes…


With fuelGenie Dan saves a tidy sum on petrol and diesel. He can also wash his cars and buy oil.

Plus he saves time and hassle.

Here’s how…

Dan gets a fuel card for all his drivers – as many as he needs at no extra cost.

They can use the cards to buy fuel at all Tesco, Morrison’s and Sainsbury’s stores across the UK.

Because supermarket fuel is great value and it’s usually first to go down in price.

There’s always one nearby too…

… as you can see on our website.

fuelGenie is dead simple to operate. You can manage your account online 24/7.

There are no hidden fees or surcharges…

And you can get 45 days credit to help with cash flow.

But what Dan likes best about fuelGenie – after saving money – is no one has to collect receipts any more.

Dan loves not having to bother with all those receipts.

fuelGenie. Service at your command.

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