Avoiding Motorway Fuel Prices

car filling up with fuel

When you think of refueling on the motorway, what springs to mind? Is it the great service? The option to take a break (which you should, when necessary)? Or is it the cost of fuel? In recent months, motorway fuel prices have been the subject of criticism, being described as ‘exploitative’ with three main privately-owned companies (Moto, WelcomeBreak, Road Chef) monopolising the motorway service area industry, being called to review and justify their prices.

Motorway Fuel Prices

With the average cost of fuel at a motorway services coming at a staggering 137.7p per litre, compared to the UK average of 120.7p, it’s no surprise that it’s in the best interest of your fleet to avoid filling up at these places, if possible.

With your fuelGenie supermarket fuel card, your fleet have access to supermarket fuel prices at Tesco, Morrisons and Sainsbury’s. Make use of our petrol station finder , to see exactly where you can fuel up. With the option to refuel in so many locations, we have all but eliminated the requirement to use motorway service areas.

Just as paying a few pence extra regularly can add up over time, so can making regular savings over time. fuelGenie allows you to save over 3 pence per litre. On top of that, your drivers can earn supermarket loyalty points.

Encourage drivers to plan their journeys ahead of time and fuel up at supermarket forecourts. Avoid starting out on journeys low on fuel, to avoid running the risk of getting caught short and having to fuel up at motorway service areas.

If you’re ready to make savings and run a more efficient fleet, now is the right time to introduce a supermarket fuel card.

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