How you can cut down on business fuel costs with a fuel card


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As a business owner, we know you’re always thinking of ways to cut costs for your business.

Fuel is one of the biggest costs you’ll face in business

Aside from the depreciation value of your vehicles. The introduction of telematics is helping to reduce fuel expenditure, but did you know that you can also reduce your business fuel costs by getting business fuel cards? This is because, no matter how fuel efficient your fleet may be, fuel prices ultimately dictate your expenditure.

So how can a fuel card help?

Depending on the fuel card you choose, you’ll find yourself saving at the pump. With some fuel cards this is because you’ll be paying a flat-rate across all pumps (however it’s always in your best interest to be careful as some schemes that offer fixed pricing only do so for a short time and then increases the pence per litre or add surcharges). If you’re with fuelGenie you’ll save as you’ll be filling up at supermarket petrol stations which are well reported to offer great value and low cost fuel. With supermarket fuel you’ll not only receive the best possible price on fuel, you’ll find plenty of Tesco, Morrisons and Sainsbury’s filling stations in the area. Your drivers will also be able to pick up loyalty points whilst filling up.

If you’re currently running a pay and reclaim system within your fleet, switching to a business fuel card can help reduce costs. Not only are you able to reduce your admin time because all your information will be stored in your online account, you’ll be able to save on actual fuel prices as you’ll just be paying what’s at the pump. We’ve even created our own interactive calculator to help you see how much you can save by switching from a pay and reclaim system to a business fuel card. You can see it here.

When using business fuel cards you’ll be given access to an online system which will help you control your cash flow and see if there are any areas you’re overspending. You’re able to see exactly what you’re spending on fuel, where you’re purchasing it from and when. You’ll soon be able to gauge your fleets expenditure and budget better in future.

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