How important is fuel efficiency to your business?


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The short answer should always be, very.

How important is fuel efficiency to your business?

The short answer should always be, very. Keeping your fleet fuel efficient is a great way to drive down costs for your business, which we’re sure is the aim for many.

Whilst there’s a lot that can’t be controlled when it comes to fuel spending, one thing you can do is ensure your drivers are driving efficiently. So how can your business be more fuel efficient?

Talk to your drivers

Speak to your drivers about their behaviour and see what they can be doing to drive more efficiently. The way a car is driven effects how efficiently fuel is used. For instance, are they overrevving their engines? Are they leaving their engines running to warm up their car before departing? Understanding driver behaviour and ensuring they’re driving sensibly and safely can help with ensuring your fleet is fuel efficient.

Look into a business fuel card

A business fuel card can help bring fuel efficiency to your business in a number of ways. Firstly, it can help you budget your fuel spending as you’re able to see when and where your drivers are filling up. Using this information, you can forecast the amount of money that will be spent on fuel, and also pinpoint where fuel-efficient driving plans can be put in place. For instance, if two drivers are driving similar routes but one is spending more on fuel, it could be because they’re not driving fuel efficiently. Secondly, you can choose where your drivers are filling up. For instance, with a fuelGenie fuel card, card-holders can fill up at Sainsbury’s, Morrisons and Tesco Petrol Filling Sites which are known for their competitively priced fuel.

Plan your routes

Route planning is a simple and important way to ensure your fleet is driving efficiently. We’ve written a full article here on the ways route planning improves fuel efficiency. To sum up, however, route planning means you can plan the most effective routes that will in turn become the most fuel efficient.

Check your tyres

If your tyre pressure is low, then your car is more likely to use more fuel than if they are correctly inflated. Tyre checks should be part of ongoing car maintenance that your fleet is put through, however it always pays to keep a regular eye on your tyre pressure, especially if you notice a change in your fuel efficiency.

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