The Benefits of Supermarket Fuel


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When looking for a fuel card provider, it’s important to look into the different offers available

The Benefits of Supermarket Fuel

When looking for a fuel card provider, it’s important to look into the different offers available. One of the types of cards on offer are supermarket fuel cards

When looking into the difference between supermarket fuel and other fuel providers, many often think that other filling stations are easier to reach. However, fuelGenie, a supermarket fuel card, gives you access to over 1,300 forecourts. Being able to fill up at Sainsbury’s, Tesco’s and Morrison’s’ filling stations across the country makes filling up as easy as possible.

But easy access to fuel is not the only benefit of filling up at the supermarket. First, and probably most importantly, is the cost. It is common knowledge that supermarket fuel is up to 3p per litre cheaper than other filling stations. This can mean big savings for you and your business. Whilst none supermarket fuel cards may provide you with a discount on fuel, the consistently low prices of supermarket fuel often surpass this.

Not only will you see big savings, you’ll also get more control over your fleets spending. This is because supermarket fuel prices are often the most consistent, meaning you can plan ahead for fuel costs.

For many, a concern is the quality of the fuel, however, studies have found that supermarket fuel is as good as any other fuel. That’s because all fuel is governed by national and international standards. This means you can rest assured you’re not missing out on quality of fuel.

So if you’re after good quality fuel, at a good price in a variety of easy to reach locations, why not look into a supermarket fuel card today.

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