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Great news! If you’re an existing fuelGenie customer you will soon be able to use your fuelGenie card at Sainsbury’s filling stations. Just sit tight for now and we’ll be in touch towards the end of May to let you know when you can start filling up at Sainsbury’s.

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How do I activate my account, make payments online and access reports?

Your fuelGenie welcome pack & cards will give you exact instructions on how to set up your account online via our website. Once activated you will be able to use your fuelGenie cards and have full access to the online services.

Please ensure you have distributed your fuelGenie cards to your drivers prior to activating your account.

What happens to my Sainsbury’s fuel card account?

Once you have activated your fuelGenie account, all of your Sainsbury’s fuel cards will be automatically cancelled. Please destroy all Sainsbury’s fuel cards you hold.

What if I don’t activate my fuelGenie account?

You can continue to use your Sainsbury’s fuel card for a short amount of time following receipt of your fuelGenie welcome pack & cards. However, you will not benefit from the additional petrol filling stations and online services available with fuelGenie. The Sainsbury’s fuel card will be closing and cards will no longer be valid for purchases.

When will I receive my final Sainsbury’s invoice?

You will receive a final Sainsbury’s fuel card invoice on 2nd June 2015, and all subsequent invoices will be from fuelGenie and will include any transactions conducted on your existing Sainsbury’s fuel card.

I paid a deposit when I set up my Sainsbury’s account, what will happen to this deposit?

We will automatically transfer this deposit onto your fuelGenie account. If you wish to discuss your deposit please contact the Sainsbury’s Customer Support team on 0845 6020226.

Will I still be able to call the Sainsbury’s Customer Support Team if I have any queries?

Yes. During the changeover you will able to continue to get full support from the Customer Support team. Once you have activated your fuelGenie account you will then be able to use the fuelGenie telephone number and email address

Can I add more cards?

Yes, no problem! Once you have received your welcome pack and activated your account, login and visit the Manage Cards section of your online services

Will the changeover to fuelGenie affect my current credit limit?

No! Your existing credit facility will stay the same. Any credit you currently have on your Sainsbury’s account will continue with fuelGenie.

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